Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only US domestic shipping is available.


Where is the store based?
Vail, AZ

Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, but when I do I will make a post on either my twitter or instagram account page.

Where is your shipping policy?
The shipping policy can be found as a link at the bottom of the checkout page.

Where is your refund policy?
You can find it right next to the shipping policy at the bottom of the checkout page as well.

When will you go to 'x' con?
I make updates on my con list on my instagram page. I mainly vend in Arizona cons and sometimes branch into Southern California or New Mexico, but when more funds start coming in, I'd love to try and apply to East coast cons.


If there is something not on the FAQ, please direct all questions to the email info@yaoiscum.com